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Tax Reduction University

To give you a better idea, let’s break down how much value is packed in just the first two units:

Tax Reduction Pre-Resequites:

  • The “TRU System” Best Practices For Maximizing Your Tax Savings ($500 Tax Savings!)
  • What is Tax Deductible? Your Guide To Winning At Writeoffs ($500 Tax Savings!)
  • Creating an audit shield: How to save more, safely ($750 Tax Savings!)

Tax Reduction 101 - Universal Tax Savings Strategies:

  • Home Optimization: Turning Your Home Into A Legal Tax Haven - $3,300
  • Vehicle Optimization: Saving Money One Mile At A Time - $750
  • A.D.A. Credit: Behind The Little-Known Disability Access Tax Incentive - $5000
  • Small Biz Retirement Plans: Turning Planning Into Profit - $6,270 
  • Entity Selection: Understanding Legal Options -  $1500
  • “Year-End Tax Planning”: Your ‘New Year, No Fear” Tax Guide - $1500
  • Small Business Health Insurance Overview - $1500
  • Conflicting Tax Strategies: Staying Intentional With Your Tax Strategy - $500

That’s a whopping $22,070 value IN JUST THE FIRST 2 of 6 “Course Blocks”! 

That’s not even counting the entity-specific, Advanced, Master’s, or PhD level trainings, which will show you how to optimize your S-Corp, your LLC, your Schedule-C, or your C-Corporation to maximize your deductions even more as well as solve the most painstaking entity-specific problems and empower you with the most elite level knowledge possible. 

But that’s not all! As my way of saying thank you for sticking with me to the end, I’m proud to offer you these free gifts when you enroll in Tax Reduction University today:


  • COVID Tax Incentives: Everything you need to navigate these uncertain times with clarity and confidence so you don’t get left behind in this rapidly-changing financial landscape including ERTC, Paid Sick Leave, and WOTC Tax Credit trainings:
  • Corporate Compliance with Scott Burnett: Join nationally-recognized tax reduction expert Scott Burnett in this exclusive masterclass showing you how your corporation can remain compliant so you can avoid the most common (and costly) pitfalls out there 
  • Business Optimization: Discover how you can dramatically strengthen your business by making these simple but radically effective tweaks over time (to be taught by Eric Merz and/or Michelle Sloan)
  • Business Tactics: Join renowned business and sales consultant Chuck Bauer as he pulls back the curtain on his signature business-building approach to help you strengthen yourself as a leader so you can get the most out of the team you lead 
  • Build A Confident Financial Future: Discover the keys to unlocking a successful relationship with a qualified financial advisor who has your future interests at heart.

And you guessed it...so much more! 

If you add in the value of the remaining units + bonuses to the $22,070 value of just the first two units along with the fact that the average business owner using the TRU System finds almost $21,000 in annual tax savings, you’re easily looking at a lifetime value of well over $250,000!

30-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee: 

If you’re not satisfied within 30 days, you will be refunded the cost of the course. Period.

And to ensure your ongoing success, you’ll get our...

Twelve-month, “Double Your R.O.I.” Guarantee: 

which guarantees that you’ll find tax savings in excess of 2 times the cost of the course in your first year!