The IRS Wants Your Business Profits… And it’s tripling in size to make that happen!

The IRS Wants Your Business Profits… And it’s tripling in size to make that happen!

This is insane!

The IRS budget for 2021 was just under $12 BILLION and it’s set to grow to $100 BILLION in 2022 under the Biden Administration.


The IRS is planning to hire another 75,000 to 80,000 agents!

Overall this means that the IRS will nearly triple in size with a budget increase of over 833%!

All with the intent to step up tax collection, audits, and enforcement on the American public.

This means that small business owners are going to be in the cross hairs.

Record spending bills and legislation have been passed in the COVID era and that bill is waiting to be paid… by you!

The IRS has a system to take your money and that system is about to get a major shot in the arm to become even more of a threat.

Some CPA’s and tax professionals are working proactively to help their clients avoid the coming tidal wave of IRS scrutiny.

Most tax professionals are heads down with business as usual because they don’t know how to help or are too busy with the work of filing taxes to be proactive.

Get ahead by executing your own SYSTEM to fight back.

Tax Reduction University or TRU gives you what your CPA doesn’t have time to give you:

Targeted EDUCATION about tax strategies that you are not using effectively

Clear EVALUATION tools to help you see how those strategies apply to you

And EXECUTION tools to provide specific action that you can take to reap tax savings

The coming wave of newly minted IRS agents, fueled by more COVID era government spending, all with the goal to get those dollars into the government coffers… all of this can seem intimidating!

But you are a fearless entrepreneur who gets up every day to fight for your business, your customers and clients, and your families to earn a living and make a difference.

Fight back against the IRS with a SYSTEM designed to keep more of your hard earned profits in your bank account!

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

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The TRU Method Of Choosing A Financial Advisor


Financial Planning Ties In With Tax Planning To Achieve Tax Savings Now And In The Future.


Here Are Some Key Questions And Considerations When Choosing A Financial Advisor:


  1. Understand What Licenses The Advisor Holds And What Those Licenses Enable Them To Do For You
  • Some Solutions Require Certain Education And Legal Licensing. Knowing If The Advisor Has Limitations On What They Can Provide Is Vital.


  1. Understand If The Advisor Is A Fiduciary
  • In Essence A Fiduciary Must Place Your Needs And Interests Ahead Of Their Own And Act In Your Best Interest. 


  1. Understand The Role The Advisor Will Play In Your Financial And Tax Planning

- How Often Will They Meet With You And What Is The Purpose And Agenda Of Those Meetings?


  1. Understand How, When, And By Whom The Advisor Gets Paid For Their Time, Energy, And Effort
  • We All Have A Right To Earn A Living And We All Have A Right To Have Transparency Around What We Pay For Services.


  1. Understand If The Financial Advisor Is Captive To Their Firm Or Broker Dealer
  • Is The Advisor Only Able To Provide Solutions Provided By Their Firm (Captive) Or Are They Able To Meet Your Needs With Tools From A Variety Of Sources (Independent)?


TRU Recommends Working With A Certified Financial Planner (CFP). 

These Are Professionals Who Should Value Comprehensive Planning And Be Able To Integrate Tax Planning As Part Of The Value That They Provide.



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