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Fight back by using the TRU System to keep your hard-earned profits from the Government! 

Are you strapped for time as a business owner and still striving for excellence? Do you struggle to find the time to navigate the 6000+ pages of the internal revenue code to discover & maximize your savings on taxes?

Worry no more! Tax Reduction University is the first program of its kind to simplify taxes for you to cut out the headache of research and save YOU money on taxes!


Learn the legitimate tax loopholes you are missing out on every year in your business.


See which loopholes apply to you so you can create your plan of attack!


We help you learn simple and intentional steps so you can stop wasting money on taxes.

(The government doesn't want you to know about these!)

One to One

Getting the necessary clarity about the current state to help you improve your game.

Here's How You Take Action Today!

5 Lessons

Our one-of-a-kind online course provides you with all of the tools for Education, Evaluation, and Execution in one place to help you put tax-saving strategies into motion.

6 Weeks

If you still need help after completing the course's system - Tax Reduction University offers a unique 6-Week Tax Savings Bootcamp to get you even more results for a lower tax bill.

20 Lessons

Not only does TRU give you access to our course content and instructors - but you will also be a part of our wider network of professionals who live and breathe tax strategy. These professionals are open and available to additional 1-on-1 coaching and consulting if you would like to talk directly to an expert!

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What is TRU?

Tax Reduction University is the first comprehensive tax reduction education platform that provides you - the business owner - with tools to confidently Educate yourself, Evaluate your situation, and Execute on your savings - to stop giving your hard-earned profits to the government!

I already have a CPA and they tell me what to do

Your CPA is awesome! Being a CPA is not an easy job, and if you have a great CPA that you trust and feel has your back then TRU is even more of a fit for you. Why? Because it’s simply impossible to keep up on all the loopholes. And as awesome as your CPA is, they are busy doing the important work of compliance (reporting the right information in the right way) and not dedicating their time solely to finding ways to help you save money on taxes. With the TRU system, you can get targeted Education with special tools for Evaluation and Execution you can share with your CPA to help nudge them to even more savings than they’re already working hard to get for you.

The TRU system is expensive

Taxes are expensive! The average business owner using the TRU system finds almost $21,000 in annual tax savings. This means that just 1 of the 20+ courses within TRU could pay for the LIFETIME access you get with TRU. The rest of the savings you find will be gravy you take back from Uncle Sam!

What if tax laws change?

Two things are guaranteed: Death and taxes. And it’s guaranteed that tax laws are going to change. But TRU is built with that in mind. Many of the tax strategies are fundamental ones that aren’t on the radar of the average lawmaker and are very likely to not change. But when laws do change, we are dedicated to evaluating those changes and committed to updating our material. Because nothing is more satisfying than legitimately saving tax dollars! We feel like Robin Hood - working for the average person to keep their money out of the government's pockets


With everyone else’s mindset involved impacting too. Hence why business coaching is so crucial for success.

I don’t want to be audited

No one wants to be audited. And honestly, we can't guarantee that you won’t be. However, with the TRU system, we promise that if you follow the steps of Education, Evaluation, and Execution, that you will “audit-proof” yourself. Granted - you have to take the time to follow the steps and document the things that need to be documented. But TRU will help you tighten your systems up to properly document the tax strategies to be able to legitimately and confidently claim the write-offs that will save your hard-earned money!


With everyone else’s mindset involved impacting too. Hence why business coaching is so crucial for success.

I am too busy...

The TRU system is designed with busy business owners in mind! TRU is specifically designed to provide information in quick, targeted and easily-digestible chunks of information. Plus, it saves you time by providing you with Evaluation Tools to make sure the strategy is going to work for you. And, the TRU system provides you with the checklists and tools to Execute so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Let's hear from our awesome clients

Tax Strategy caught my ear because I have felt lost and confused about taxes. The TRU method helped me overcome that fear and helps me be confident in saving taxes. 
I am a visual learner and the TRU method helped me understand with specific “homework” to keep me moving instead of stalling out. I feel like I have the proper tools to get me ahead in my business.

Stephanie A.

The TRU method has helped ground me in fundamental principals to help me save money consistently. I own 2 companies and am a co-founder of a non-profit. So it’s easy to avoid the tax issues.
The TRU method is an easy to digest source of tax savings strategies for a busy business owner.

Brandon M.
Marketing Agency

If you feel the government can do better things with your money than you then TRU is not for you. Because of the TRU method I have been able to take more money out of my business and invest in hiring more people to grow my business.
Because of TRU, I am more confident in my business deductions and am saving almost $20,000 a year more in taxes than I was.

Jacob N.
P&C Broker

TRU has helped me understand how the tax system works in my benefit by being proactive and having a plan to save on taxes. I no longer look at my taxes as a “right now thing”. I now view my taxes in a 2, 5, 10-year perspective because I’ve been able to develop a plan.  

Karl G.
P&C Broker


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